Brogan BamBrogan on Building Rockets at SpaceX

Brogan was employee #23 at SpaceX, then CTO and co-founder of Hyperloop One, and is well known as one of the world’s most famous transportation engineers.

Hear about how he scored a job at SpaceX, what the early days at SpaceX were like, why SpaceX rockets are named “Falcons”, and most importantly, how his name became Brogan BamBrogan. Also, what it’s really like to start a company in a garage? Spoiler: it’s not that comfortable.

My favorite quote from our chat? “The first rule of rocket science: Make sure the fire comes out of the bottom, only.” Second favorite: “I don’t like space. I don’t want to go to Mars.”

This episode is an edited version of an original live broadcast on SiriusXM 132, Wharton Business Radio.

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