Honda Pilot Brake Job How to Video

My friend, Ty, and I tried our hand at making a instructional video. Ty has worked as a manager at a national car parts chain for about 6 years now and is ASE certified, so he knows a lot. I just shot, edited, and helped narrate the video.

We did instructions on changing the brake discs and pads on a Honda Pilot. If you drive a modern disk braked car, the procedure is not too different.  Check out the video and see how easy it really is:

If you have any idea for additional how to videos or car repair instruction feel free to comment below! .

Global Rally Cross in Charlotte, NC: Part 1

GlobalRallyChampionshipCharlotte (43 of 56)

As belated birthday present, my sister got my brother and I tickets to the Global Rally Cross in Charlotte, NC. Of course, I rallied and took photos. Having lived without cable for the last 3 years, I am a little behind on the current Rally scene, but the GRC seems like some good business.

I remember only about 8 years ago the idea of a well promoted Rally series in the US was a pipe dream. Other than the SCCA club level Rally Crosses and SCCA rallies, there really wasn’t anything this fan focused going on. It turned out to be a fun, cool event. Even though attendance didn’t seem as heavy as they hoped, it made for a  very relaxing event to attend and walk around.

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Art of the Car Concours in Kansas City

My father was able to take at the “Art of the Car Concours” in Kansas City. He saw really cool cars, and it looks like a very well attended event. A cool combination of classic American cars and foreign makes, as well. Which one is your favorite? I think the Chevy Corvair station wagon is pretty awesome.Art of the Car Concours (31 of 31) Art of the Car Concours (30 of 31)

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Vintage Porsche 356 Heaven!

porsche356theclutchpedal (6 of 18)

The 356 is where it all began for Porsche. It was the first car made under the name and is where the make goes back to whenever looking for inspiration. They are beautiful and amazing engineered machines. I stumbled upon this meetup of the Porsche 356 Florida Owners Group in Mount Dora, FL one weekend in the spring of 2012. I am not a Porsche buff, but I do know that I want to own either a 356 or a 911 someday.

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Project Idea: Karmann Ghia Outlaw

Which Volkswagen would you take? | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Which Volkswagen would you take? | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

I have been brain storming a lot about how cool a Karmann Ghia coupe without bumpers, a good track suspension, and a mildly built motor would be. The idea would be to do a “poor mans” 356 outlaw replica. For those of you who don’t know what that is, here is a example:


What do you think?The price of a 356 are rising and out of my league,  but I could build a really awesome Karmann Ghia instead. Anyone who knows a lot about VWs and wants to chime in –  I am all ears! From my research, so far, it seems very doable, since the Karmann ghia and the 356 are actually very similar in suspension and engine build.