LS430: Luxury Car on Economy Car budget?

lexus02_LS430-1024 I have been looking at used car market for a while and wanting something that seems to not exist. A reliable, 4 door, rear wheel drive, manual transmission car. This does not seem to exist ,especially in the current used car market. So, I have decided I am am going to get a 4 door, rear wheel drive, reliable car and a used Miata.

For the reliable used car ,I want something fun and as long as I am throwing performance out the window to a certain extent ,I would like something really nice. So what is a reliable used luxury car for 15-20k that I can get with 50-75k miles?

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Honda Pilot Brake Job How to Video

My friend, Ty, and I tried our hand at making a instructional video. Ty has worked as a manager at a national car parts chain for about 6 years now and is ASE certified, so he knows a lot. I just shot, edited, and helped narrate the video.

We did instructions on changing the brake discs and pads on a Honda Pilot. If you drive a modern disk braked car, the procedure is not too different.  Check out the video and see how easy it really is:

If you have any idea for additional how to videos or car repair instruction feel free to comment below! .